Training Programs

    Our customized training programs provide academic support to the work-force involved directly or indirectly in the care of patients; also providing them new avenues to stay updated in their field.

    A common feature of these training programs is that they all meet the needs of targeted members and the organization, and help them growing and changing for the better.

    Perceptorship Programs

    Our Preceptorship programs are carefully designed to provide mentored real-life experience and training to physicians looking to enhance their clinical skills under supervision of an accredited and renowned practicing specialist.


    We regularly organize clinical workshops on advanced topics directly connected to healthcare research and development. Most of these workshops have the common special feature in form of a mix of didactic lecturers from both academia and clinical practice.


    Our interactive web-based video conferences are aimed to connect global healthcare experts with intended audience who benefit by gaining knowledge based on global developments.


    We design targeted conference perspectives after getting into the ultimate of requisite knowledge to impart, on an enduring as well as virtual basis by engaging and inviting the best minds in the domain.


    We help to raise discussions on current, authoritative, and practical reviews of developments across all stages of a disease life-cycle.

    Round Table Meetings

    We provide unique platform for academic discussions by inviting renowned opinion leaders who agree to discuss and debate on a specific topic of interest, aiming to get close to a consensus.

    Advisory Board Meeting

    Our Advisory Board Meetings are aimed to help healthcare leaders navigate the progress being made in medical fields, and thus modernize the clinical management strategies, which have the potential to modify real-world clinical practice.