Customized Professional Engagement Programs (CPEP)

  • CPEP are unique programs to help medical professionals in continuous professional up-gradation of their ‘real-world’ clinical skills and judgement and make them confident in managing difficult cases in accordance with recent practice recommendations.
  • The program is well-suited to long-term engagement needs of the sponsors’ and it is customized according to their strategy, keeping in mind the target segment, audience, and their number.
  • The strength of the program lies in the fact that we design the program from scratch, and modify it based on the frequency and duration of professional engagement desired by the company.
  • As an instance:
    • A series of several small meetings can be done across India, culminating in one large one program in India or abroad as a concluding statement and update to the overall program and its results.
    • Besides, there is possibility of getting the program accredited from a known accrediting body.
    • Having academic off-site collaboration with several organizations, CME communications can facilitate invitation from these academic institutions for the meeting.